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You don't always have to have a lab in your home! There are plenty of other ways of consuming knowledge, which may be lab based, video based, blogs, help sites or other.

Some tried and tested free learning sites are listed below:

Free Online Labs and Learning[edit | edit source]

Gamified Learning[edit | edit source]

Training Trials[edit | edit source]

Free eBooks[edit | edit source]

  • Packt publishing

They do a free Ebook everyday. It's mainly around development but they often do a few vSphere, or Microsoft subjects. To get your free book everyday you need an account and to visit:

Free Video Training[edit | edit source]

  • vBrownBag session, Home Lab: Nested with vlans - vBrownBag has several VMware videos, but this one applies to this site
  • Cybrary - Cybrary is an open-source cyber security and IT learning and certification preparation platform.
  • Lynda - Lynda is not free, however many public libraries have partnerships where you can sign in with your library card number and get free access to courses
  • Eli The Computer Guy - Eli produces great content to YouTube, he took a hiatus where he was pushing content to a paywalled site, but is back now.
  • Comprehensive Guide to pfSense 2.3 (13 Epidsodes) - Mark Furneaux goes into great depth on pfSense

Free Podcast Training[edit | edit source]

Community[edit | edit source]