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Based on the Open Homelab project
Based on the Open Homelab project

Project Homelab is based on the Open Homelab project as the wiki was quickly filling up with spam accounts and content was not being updated. As per the Open Homelab license (CC-BY-SA 3.0), most of the original content was obtained from


The Open Homelab project started as a nugget of an idea for a roundtable discussion session at the London VMUG in April 2016.


Homelab presentations are some of the most popular at technical user groups. The challenge is that unless they are recorded, the contents of these sessions is always lost at the end of the day, and only the attendees could consume the information and utilise it. What is needed is a method for crowdsourcing and capturing the collective homelab knowledge and experiences of the community, to provide people with a single source of information and advice which will help them make decisions on the best homelab solution for them, based on their individual requirements.

Although the site was started from a VMware user group, we believe that a homelab is a homelab! As such, we are keen for people across the IT community to contribute with their knowledge and tips across operating systems, hypervisors, tools and applications.

Technology agnosticism FTW!

Get Involved

There are no restrictions on who can create and edit content on the site, the only thing we ask is that you create an account to help us avoid spammers!

If you love sharing information about how to create the ultimate homelab, found the site useful to you and want to give back to the community, or have simply found an error with some of the content, we would love to have you involved! All you need to do is create an account and start writing! :)

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The founding team for the site are all listed here: